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Parish Pastoral Council Statement of Purpose

“The Parish Pastoral Council  collaborates with the Pastor to share Christ with others through Spiritual and  Corporate works of Mercy. These works will  be accomplished through the following services: Christian Service, Vocations, Evangelization, Education, Faith  formation,
Worship, Vicariate representation, and upholding the Gospel of  Life.”

The PPC is the primary visioning body of the parish, assisting the Pastor in determining
the overall mission of the Parish. The PPC is an  advisory board to the Pastor,
providing representation of Parish members and serving as the coordinating and unifying body of the Parish. All existing groups, organizations, societies,  clubs and committees
within the Parish relate directly to the PPC.


The PPC:

– Solicits the wisdom of the Parish community on pastoral matters,¨
– Forms  a concensus about Pastoral planning which addresses the needs
of the Parish,¨
– Communicates  that pastoral vision to the Parish as a whole,¨
– Involves  the Parish Commissions in implementing the vision¨
– Develops  the Parish Mission Statement,¨
– Establishes  goals and objectives,¨
– Is  made up of Officers, Commission Representatives and Members-At-Large¨
– Is subordinate to the Pastor and respects his final and ultimate authority.
Meetings:  1st Tuesday of every other month
September  – May, 7:00pm – Padua Hall.


Parish Finance Council

     The Finance Council helps facilitate the accomplishments of the priorities established by the Pastor and the Parish Pastoral Council. The Finance Council helps the Pastor to be a good administrator of the Parish goods to accomplish Parish goals, so that we may be good stewards of the faithful’s time, talent and treasure.

Meetings:  1st Tuesday of every other month
September – May, 7:00pm – Padua Hall

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